Outsource or delegate?

Many small business owners at some time have experienced working in the corporate world and enjoyed the benefit of someone to delegate to. Starting up a business or going freelance does not mean doing everything yourself.  The smart business person knows that delegation increases efficiency and gets more things done.  We have our own professional insurance and we are registered for the Data Protection Act so you can rest assured we have dotted the “i”s and the “t”s.

Free up your time and outsource to SMG Virtual PA all those tasks:

  • you know you hate.
  • you have no skill or experience of.
  • which you have no time to do yourself.

The expertise your business needs

Outsourcing social media, blogging, event management and admin tasks need not be a worry with support from SMG Virtual PA.

We work pro-actively with you to fully understand your business and aim to listen to what you want/need.  Over time, we will contribute more ideas, discuss options and voice opinions.  If you prefer support from someone who always does what you tell them, the way you tell them, without question, then SMG Virtual PA may not be the right Virtual Assistant for you.

We can see the bigger picture and believe our extensive knowledge and expertise will benefit your business and add real value in the longer term.  We will advise and guide you so you can see which tasks you should be handing over to us and which you should take ownership of.  The final decision will always be yours as it is YOUR business after all!

Providing training – not necessary!

Our team of Associates are skilled professionals with experience in specific areas sufficient to get the job done.  We recognise that nobody can know it all and we are always willing to learn anything – in our own time – where we need to.  We are switched on to technology so we find learning new tools and tricks instinctively simple. Just tell us what you need done, when you need it by and we will do the rest.

From time to time, you may want something done in a certain way and nothing else will do.  In this case you will need to provide details of your requirements to help us meet your needs.

Zero employee liabilities – ie no tax, NI, sick or holiday pay

You commit to pay us for the time it takes to complete your work – you do not pay us for taking a tea break, a holiday or any other work break. This is a very different way of working unlike the commitment you make when you engage a full time employee with all the overheads that entails. We use time tracking software and provide weekly and monthly reports to our clients. We are independent self employed contractors so we are responsible for our own taxes, national insurances and any other benefits.  Therefore, you have no employment legislation headaches to worry about.

Zero physical overheads

  • We supply our own fully equipped offices
  • We work with current technology resulting in significant cost savings to you in time and money.
  • The office space, the desk, the chair or any technology overheads are covered.

You get what you pay for

  • You only pay for the time we actively work on your business.
  • Time tracking accounts for how our time is spent.

Zero systems costs

  • We will work with any existing systems you may already prefer to work with.
  • We are familiar with a range of collaboration tools which aids effective team working and ensures all client work is managed effectively.
  • There is no cost to clients for this.

Confidentiality and discretion

We are well used to dealing with confidential and personal data over years of experience.  We provide clients with a client contract containing our Terms & Conditions.  We also provide clients with a copy of agreements made with our team members.  These documents cover all you need to know about working with us including, invoicing, payments, terms of service, privacy and more.

We are more than happy to sign your Non Disclosure Agreement or confidentiality agreement but we do have one of our own in the event that it is needed.