Admin SupportDo you often perform administration and back office tasks yourself rather than delegate? Wouldn’t your business grow more rapidly if you had more time to work ON your business whilst you out-sourced those tasks you know you hate or do not have the time to do.  Or perhaps those tasks where you do not have the skills to do them yourself.SMG Virtual PA offers flexible options enabling you to have the services you need when you need them without the overheads and liabilities associated with employing staff. There are a wide variety of  packages available to suit all budgets which can grow as your support needs grow.Below we illustrate just some of the tasks we can support you with – there are too many to list them all:

Admin & PA Support


Can include:
  • creating order/efficiency out of chaos
  • assess existing admin systems, make proposals and implement changes
  • create/implement new systems from scratch

Proofing / Copy-editing

Can include:
  • in-depth proof-reading with mark-ups
  • copy-editing of your original text
  • original content creation for websites, blogs, proposals, email newsletters and more

Typing Services

Can include:
  • accurate copy typing from handwritten manuscript
  • transcription from audio, video, Pitman New Era shorthand
  • presentations, reports, thesis and more


Can include:
  • event management: conferences, seminars, training sessions
  • travel or speaking/promotional arrangements
  • diary management, flowers & more
Building your online presence is all-important in the ever-changing business world. Fresh regular content is only part of what makes it all tick. SMG Virtual PA can help your business find their way through the mire. We will talk your language and help you to understand what you need to know and then make it possible for you to be visible online in a way that works for you and your business.

Events & PR

Organise Your Event

Can include:
  • venue finding and event fine details
  • full event management – start to finish planning to your budget

Video Your Event

Can include:
  • natural/amateur live capture of the energy surrounding your actual event
  • permanent record promoting your business/service

Photograph Your Event

Can include:
  • as it happens snap shots
  • use in your social media posts/tweets in real-time or after the event

Post Event Promotion

Can include:
  • in future marketing material, blogs, web pages
  • in your current/future social media & email newsletters

Online Promotion

Website Management

Can include:
  • support which allows you to be in control
  • website copy-editing or copy-writing with fresh text and images
  • regular blogging up-dates and sharing to social media
  • proofreading for grammar/spelling/formatting


Can include:
  • learn how the major social media platforms drive traffic to your website
  • understand which social media platforms are the most appropriate for your business
  • learn which social media platforms are the most appropriate for your business
  • understand why you need a website, a blog AND social media

Social Media

Can include:
  • provide the basics & let us do the magic
  • content creation for scheduled social media posts/tweets
  • interactive engagement with your followers
  • management of online groups and communities
  • growing your online presence

Email Marketing

Can include:
  • typing your content to create email newsletters to your client-base
  • content creation for your email newsletters where you need it
  • copy-writing email newsletters with just the basic facts to your client-base
  • reports on successful email newsletter opens